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March 2019

Grade 8 Excursion to PEPA

The Grade 8s had a wonderful two-and-a half-day excursion to PEPA at the former Botanical Gardens in Harrismith. The focus of the camp was to develop listening and communication skills and for learners to build trust relationships with their class friends. The history of the area was also elaborated on…

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Founders’ Day

We celebrated Harriston’s Founders’ Day and 22nd birthday on 1 March, with a musical assembly. Mr Oupa Tshabalala, Chairman of the Board of Governors, presented a number of staff members with Long Service Awards. We thank the mothers who helped us to decorate the school so beautifully and for baking…

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SAICE Regional Bridge Building competition

For years the Bridge Building competition at Harriston was a rather “one team show” with a tradition started by the Nouwens and Beuken brothers. We are delighted that this year many teams have passionately competed in this wonderful competition. Many skills are developed during the process, skills such as problem…

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