Boarding House

Boarding House

The Harriston Boarding House is a small family orientated weekly boarding facility. The pupils arrive on Monday mornings and go home on Friday afternoons. This provides pupils, who live out of town, with a safe and secure “home from home” during the week. The children return to their families on the weekends and this gives the child the best of both worlds. The close collaboration between staff, parents and pupils ensure a seamless integration between school and home.

The pupils are accommodated in separate boarding houses, one for boys and one for girls. Each of these houses can accommodate 12 pupils in 3 separate rooms (a maximum of 4 boarders to a room). Pupils are accepted from Grades 1 to 12. The small number of boarders enables the Boarder Parents to give personal attention to each child and to be alert for any problems that might arise.

Our programme includes:

Friendly and caring boarder parents

A relaxed and homely atmosphere

Supervised study sessions

Safe and comfortable accommodation

3 healthy meals with a snack at first break

Weekly trips to town (Wednesdays)

Weekly social activities

Recreational facilities include a pool table and trampoline

Boarding House Philosophy

The programme followed each day, enables pupils to attend co-curricular activities such as sport and cultural activities. Two supervised study sessions are held each day to ensure that all homework and study is done. The Matrics have the privilege to study in their own rooms if they wish.

Senior pupils are appointed to mentor younger pupils and to assist when needed.

While each house has its own TV with limited channels, a common room equipped with a television set and DVD player is available for the Boarders during their leisure hours. A set daily programme is followed during the week but social events are held every Wednesday when boarders are able to enjoy activities such as movies, board games or Pool. They can also choose to simply relax and socialise.

The Boarding House also offers lunch facilities for day scholars as well as an aftercare facility for primary school pupils.

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