Primary School

Primary School

Harriston is an IEB registered primary school. This means that there is external validation of the standards of the school through assessment and benchmarking tools. Teachers are also afforded professional developmental opportunities that are tailored to primary schools. These include user groups and country wide networking. This collaboration ensures that children are fully prepared for High School as well as tertiary education and that any problems are identified and remediated early. The IEB primary schools focus on the inculcation of the 21st century skills of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

At Harriston we believe in the identification and development of the unique talents innate in each child. We acknowledge that each child is an individual, therefore, is treated as such.  The CAPS curriculum forms the basis of our academic program but we place emphasis on understanding and knowing and therefore our highly qualified staff tailor their lessons to cater for individual growth. We actively strive to develop young people who engage with the world on a holistic base and who will live with integrity.   Academically, we seek to grow critical thinkers and help the children to develop positive thinking habits and traits. This is done by routinely applying thinking standards in a deep, qualitative manner in order to answer, solve, create, prove, invent and generate. We also have a qualified remedial teacher on the staff who assists any children who need additional support.

To ensure that we achieve our aims we have introduced an “integrated day”. This means that our sport and cultural programmes are included during the school day

The Foundation Phase Grades 1 - 3

The Foundation Phase is based on the principle that the early years should offer a sound foundation for future learning and develop a well-balanced, productive individual.  As a result, it places great emphasis on children learning by doing. The pupils are given opportunities to gain first hand experiences through play and active involvement, as well as completing exercises in books. They are given time to develop their speaking and listening skills and to become confident in their reading, writing and public speaking abilities.

The Foundation Phase concentrates on 3 main developmental focuses that are extended into 7 learning areas which are delivered through practical activities and active learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. The learning areas are:

  • personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity
  • language development, literacy, reading and communication skills
  • mathematical development
  • public speaking
  • knowledge and understanding of the world (science)
  • physical development
  • creative development

We focus on developing individuals and their unique talents. To achieve this we have implemented the “Integrated Day “. Sport and Cultural programmes are offered during the normal school day to allow everyone to participate.

Classes in dance, music, drama, craft and cooking are offered. Other activities include a science club, chess lessons and choir which are offered during cultural periods. Sporting codes offered include: Athletics, Mini Rugby and Mini Cricket, Mini Hockey, Mini Netball and tennis.

A well balanced and happy child tends to learn effortlessly. With this in mind the Foundation Phase teachers include exciting and entertaining activities that go beyond the classroom. These activities include a sleepover at school, an annual excursion, an environmental programme, percussion lessons, an entrepreneur’s day and many other activities.



  • Athletics
  • Rugby (Boys)
  • Netball (Girls)
  • Hockey (Boys and Girls)
  • Cricket (Boys)
  • Soccer (Boys and Girls)
  • Tennis
  • Squash

Cultural Activities

Harriston believes in offering a holistic education. The School operates on an “Integrated Day”. This means that Cultural and Sporting activities are timetabled into the academic day. Pupils are able to choose from the activities on offer to develop their talents.

Harriston also acknowledges activities not offered by the School, for example Music, Ballet etc.

We have several pupils who have received National awards and colours for outstanding achievement.

  • Dance
  • Chess
  • Craft Club
  • Drama
  • Choir
  • Music

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