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Harriston is an IEB registered primary school. This means that there is external validation of the standards of the school through assessment and bench-marking tools. Teachers are also afforded professional developmental opportunities that are tailored to primary schools. These include user groups and country wide networking. This collaboration ensures that children are fully prepared for High School as well as tertiary education and that any problems are identified and re-mediated early. The IEB primary schools focus on the inculcation of the 21st century skills of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.


At Harriston we believe in the identification and development of the unique talents  innate in each child. We acknowledge that each child is an individual, therefore, is treated as such.  The CAPS curriculum forms the basis of our academic program but we place emphasis on understanding and knowing and therefore our highly qualified staff tailor their lessons to cater for individual growth. We actively strive to develop young people who engage with the world on a holistic base and who will live with integrity.   Academically, we seek to grow critical thinkers and help the children to develop positive thinking habits and traits. This is done by routinely applying thinking standards in a deep, qualitative manner in order to answer, solve, create, prove, invent and generate. We also have a qualified remedial teacher on the staff who assists any children who need additional support.

To ensure that we achieve our aims we have introduced an “integrated day”. This means that our sport and cultural programs are included during the school day.


A well balanced and happy child tends to learn effortlessly.  With this in mind, we offer the following sports:

  • Athletics
  • Rugby (Boys)
  • Netball (Girls)
  • Hockey (Boys and Girls)
  • Cricket (Boys)
  • Soccer (Boys and Girls)
  • Tennis
  • Squash

Elsabe Kruger

Primary School Deputy Head

Grade 5 - 7 Afrikaans

Kirsten Human

Leadership Team Foundation Phase

Grade 3 Class Teacher

Lineze Potgieter

Leadership Team Intermediate Phase

Grade 7 Class Teacher
Grade 5 - 7 English
Grade 5 Social Sciences
Grade 5 Life Orientation.

Margaret Crawley

Grade 1M

Grade 1M Class Teacher

Danielle Cronje

Grade 1N

Grade 1N Class Teacher

Isandre Naude

Grade 2

Grade 2 Teacher

Desmé Allen

Grade 4

Grade 4 Teacher

Monique du Plessis

Grade 5

Grade 5 Class Teacher
Remedial Education
Grade 5 Maths
Grade 5 - 7 Natural Sciences
Grade 6 - 7 Social Sciences

Alrich Jacobs

Grade 6

Grade 6 Class Teacher
Grade R - 7 Computer Literacy
Grade 6 - 7 Maths

Jannette Henning

Music Teacher

Grade RRRRR - 7 Music

Moses Chingombe

Economic and Management Sciences Teacher

Grade 7 Economic and Management Sciences

Hugo Vosloo

Art Teacher

Grade 6 - 7 Art

Lerato Moloi

Sesotho Teacher

Grade 1 - 6 Sesotho
ELC Balls Skills

Ilonke van der Westhuizen

Life Orientation Teacher

Grade 6 -7 Life Orientation

Harriston Primary School News & Events

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What amazing team-work from the Harriston family!!! Without the hard work and co-operation from everyone, this huge success would not have been possible. Congratulations to every pupil, parent, staff member and friend of Harriston. Thank you all for your hard work.
Primary School

Intermediate Phase Production Evening

The Intermediate phase presented an amazing production on Wednesday, 19 April 2019.  The production was titled "Then and Now'.  It highlighted events from the  Flinstones Age, Victorian Age, 1920s, 1960s and all the way to now. Congratulations to Lineze and her team of teachers; Desmé, Louise, Monique and Farzanaa. Thank…
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Founders’ Day

We celebrated Harriston’s Founders’ Day and 22nd birthday on 1 March, with a musical assembly. Mr Oupa Tshabalala, Chairman of the Board of Governors, presented a number of staff members with Long Service Awards. We thank the mothers who helped us to decorate the school so beautifully and for baking…