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Harriston School was founded in Harrismith by a group of parents who wanted their children to be educated in English, at an independent school and in the town, rather than having to send their children to Boarding School. Christian principles underpin the values of the school although it accepts children from all backgrounds. The core values of the School are mutual respect, tolerance and discipline. Our Early Learning Centre takes children from the age of six months to Grade R .The school includes all grades from Grade 1 to Grade 12.
The school is framed by the beautiful Platberg Mountain which plays a large role in the character of the school. Regular hikes, camps and outdoor lessons are held in the Nature Reserve adjacent to the mountain. The school is built around a central quadrangle which is dominated by the bell tower. We actively develop an awareness of the environment and continually improve our own gardens and green areas.
The School strives for excellence and aims to produce a well-rounded individual who is competent and confident, is empathetic and will go out into the world and make a difference. As Harriston is a small school, pupils have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities and Sporting codes and this, together with the individual attention afforded by our highly competent teachers produces exceptional young adults who thrive at university and become productive citizens. The smallness of the school also ensures that children will receive individual attention where needed and so our motto “talent in every child” becomes a reality. Each child is celebrated for the unique individual that they are.

During 1996 the founder parents started building the school which opened with 70 pupils in January 1997. In 2003 the first matric class wrote the internationally benchmarked Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examinations. A reputation for excellence was established from the start; in the years since then, the school has always achieved a 100% matric pass.
The names of the Founders of the school, Luci and Pieter Nouwens, JP de Witt, H Grobler, J.A Botha, B.C. Surman and Eshley Pattinson and the businesses, who generously contributed, are displayed in the School Hall. This group of parents wanted an environment for their children that they did not see at the local State Schools. The school is owned by the Harriston Trust and is managed by a Section 21 company (non-profit) and its directors appoint the Board of Governors. The Board also includes members nominated by the parents.
Although we are situated in a small town, we constantly network with other IEB schools around the country.
I am indeed privileged to serve as the fifth Head of the school and, together with staff and parents strive, to develop each child and their talents to the full.

Mary-Ann Pullinger

Head of School


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