In keeping with the school’s aim of developing well-balanced students, all learners are encouraged to participate.

The benefits of art, music and culture education are universal, and we offer a variety of activities, ranging in focus from academic extension to personal enrichment to creative.

Through these activities we build confidence, develop important life skills and develop character.

Grade 1-3 students learn to play friendly games during cultural enrichment.

Grade 1-3 learners will learn basic dance skills, how to interpret music and choreography. These skills are then put into practice.

Club Convenor:               

Learners are encouraged to create two-dimensional and sculpture pieces. Building on their creativity and critical-thinking skills.

Dramatic arts provide an excellent opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem through practical roll playing, and for learners to broaden their cultural horizons.

Why Drama practice?

This is not just for learning how to be an actor / performer

Build you confidence enabling you to speak in public e.g. Orals, speaking in assemblies and in future at work

Develop the correct articulation and speech patterns for English.


What will I learn?

Self confidence – Don’t be shy and think everyone is laughing at you. (we are laughing together and respect each other for trying

Making a mistake is NOT a crisis! Everyone makes mistakes and we learn through our mistakes. If we never make a mistake we can never learn and grow.

You are one of a kind – Just because you do not talk, walk, look or do something exactly like someone else – does not make it wrong. Be yourself! That is what I expect you to be!

Our Grade 5 learners are responsible for the daily after-school scholar patrol program.

Developing important communication and critical thinking skills, through lively debates and problem-solving techniques.

Sparking the love and interest for our planet while growing knowledge of our natural heritage and a responsibility to nurture our environment.