1. 1. The parents / guardian completes the Application Form. Please ensure that all fields are completed and
    **If you are completing the editable pdf application form, please ensure that the declaration and debit order
    forms have a signature and NOT just your initials and surname.
    2. The “Declaration by Parents” and “Debit Order Form” which is part of the Application Form needs to be
    completed and signed by both parents.
    3. Submit the Application Form to the school office with the following documents:
    • Copies of Parents’ Identity Documents (or passports if not South African citizens)
    • Copy of the Child’s Birth Certificate
    • Copy of the latest school report (Grade 2 -10 application)
    • Copy of the school readiness report (Grade 1 application)
    4. The “Confidential Report” must be handed in at the pupil’s current school to be completed. The current
    school must return this to Harriston by email to
    5. A non-refundable application fee of R540 is payable upon submission of application.
    6. Pupils applying for Grade 2 – 10 will write entrance tests in the following subjects:
    ➢ English Home Language
    ➢ Mathematics
    ➢ Afrikaans First Additional Language
    7. An appointment for an interview with the Head of School is arranged with the school secretary. This
    interview is with the parents as well as the pupil(s) applying.
    8. Upon acceptance, parents will meet with the Bursar to discuss the financial process such as the deposit
    required and school fees.

     Banking Details:

     Bank : ABSA
     Account No : 9101 50 618
     Branch code : 632 005
     Type of acc : Cheque Account
     Reference : The applicant (learner) name & surname