High School

Harriston scholars write the internationally benchmarked Independent Examination Board (IEB) matric examinations since the inception of the school. The vast majority of our pupils go on to obtain degrees at well-known universities, both in South Africa and abroad.

We believe that our purpose is to ensure that our students acquire the skills and qualifications needed to take them on to the next stage of their education with confidence and the determination to meet and conquer challenges. Consequently, we believe that education goes much further than academic achievement and that a comprehensive education must embody the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Grade 8-9 pupils take the following academic subjects:




Natural Science

Human and Social Science

Art and Culture

Economic and Management Sciences

Information Technology + Robotics

Life Orientation

Grade 9 pupils choose a minimum of seven subjects to continue with until the end of Matric. The four compulsory subjects are:

English Home Language

Afrikaans First Additional Language

Life Orientation

Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy (in Grade 11 and 12 only)


A choice of three subjects from the following (all subject to demand):

Physical Science

Visual Art



Information Technology

Life Sciences

Computer Applications Technology

A COPY OF POPIA CAN BE OBTAINED HERE: https://popia.co.za/act